2024 TEDx Morehouse College Friday March 22 Friday March 22 Friday March 22


Nicole Price

Empathetic Revolutionist

Originally trained as an engineer, Dr. Nicole Price later found her true calling in leadership development as a keynote speaker, training leader, and CEO of Lively Paradox.

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John Igwebuike

Listening Aficionado

Dr. John G. Igwebuike is the Director of School Culture—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Saint Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, Illinois. 

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Alphonso Mills

Public Health Advocate

Alphonso Mills is the Executive Director of This Is Your Moment (TIYM) Network, a media organization dedicated to promoting sexual health awareness 

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David Flowers

Fashion Designer 

Morehouse College alumnus, David Flowers, is an inspiring clothing designer aimed to showcase the journey of young black children using fashion. 

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Valarie W. Mackey

Tech Talent and Leadership Guru 

Valarie W. Mackey brings more than two decades of expertise at the intersection of Technology, Talent/People Development, and fostering cultures of belonging.

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Shakita Brooks Jones

Racial Healer

Shakita is a graduate of Troy State University with a B.S. in social work, a master’s in social work from the University of Alabama

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Sir Ken Coleman

Serial Entrepreneur

Sir Ken Coleman is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of education, professional skills, knowledge ,and experience in the veterinary medicine field, bio-medical engineering technology field,

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Jakyra Simpson


Jakyra Simpson aka Ky the Chemist is a Master Chemist and Science Communicator who graduated with her Bachelor of Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy with minors in Mathematics and Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Ryan Butler

Innovation Strategist

Ryan Butler, Senior Brand Director of Zevo North America is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of success in the consumer goods and consulting industries.

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Aaron Steele

Brand Strategist

Aaron Steele leads a high performing team in P&G’s new business unit, responsible for creating new brands to transform categories that P&G doesn’t compete in today.

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Winston Warrior

Creative Catalyst

Winston is an experienced keynote speaker having delivered addresses to large and small crowds for events ranging from a university’s incoming freshman

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Push Dutcher

Lifestyle influencer

Kyle Dutcher (better known as Push) began his journey in the mid 2000s making a name for himself in the heart of the Atlanta skate culture. After observing a group of young

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