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David Flowers

Fashion Designer 

David Flowers ‘23

His name is David Flowers III, a recent graduate of Morehouse college. He currently works for Ralph Lauren under the retail transformation team through their RL Iconic rotational program. He also owns a brand titled “Dave”, which aims at showcasing the journey of young black children through clothing. Through his brand, he hopes to open the fashion space for many other kids of color. In learning sociology at Morehouse, he discovered a joy in helping the black community, which has now expanded to helping all underrepresented communities across the world. He also learned the importance of integrating being a student in all facets of life. With the knowledge he has gained thus far, he aims at proving to the younger generation that anything is possible. He is an avid learner, who continues to learn the plight of people across the world. He hopes that his learnings and journey can inspire someone to chase their own dreams fearlessly. In all, he is a family man who shares a love for everyone across the world!