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Jasmin Forts

Rest Alchemist

Jasmin Forts, is a remarkable personality who has an extensive background in herbal mixology, community herbalism, and horticulture. She is an inspirational figure who motivates and encourages people to take meaningful rest, which can help them achieve wellness and balance in their personal and professional lives. Jasmin’s passion for wellness and culture has been the driving force behind her successful business, Juanita’s BalmLikka. She has also been actively involved in educating the community about alternate ways of leading a stress-free life and “healing the happy hour.” Jasmin’s journey with stress and mental health has led her to advocate for mental health awareness in corporate spaces and sit on the Executive Board for “Black Girls Smile.”


Jasmin Forts is known as the “Rest Alchemist” due to her unique approach to sustainable self-care practices. She believes in using natural resources found on the land to promote wellness and self-care, and she writes and speaks about this topic extensively.