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John G. Igwebuike

Listening Aficionado 

Dr. John G. Igwebuike is a lawyer and life-long learner of listening that currently serves as the Director of School Culture—Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Saint Ignatius College Prep (Chicago). He is a retired tenured professor of business law at Alcorn State University, where he still teaches as an adjunct professor. Alcorn is the nation’s first agricultural land-grant HBCU. 

Dr. John is a sought-after thought leader uniquely focused on effective active listening as the foundation of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

As an active listening activist, Dr. John is the founder of The Lead Listening Institute, an organization dedicated to disseminating best practices, research-based evidence, and heart-led instruction on listening. He delivers workshops, coaching, and professional development to schools, organizations, and groups. He is also the founder of Guanacaste: The Transformational Listening Conference (TLC) hosted annually in Chicago, Illinois. “Guanacaste,” derives from Náhuatl, the Aztec language, and means “Listening Tree.” As a listening consultant, counselor, and coach, he invites individuals, groups, and audiences to be “listening trees” who create ecosystems of oxygen-rich environments where all voices can be seen, heard, listened to, and understood.  

Dr. John is the author of “I Want to Hear You:” 22 Tips for Artful Listening before, during, and after a Conversation (2020) and a diversity-centered children’s book entitled, I Listen and So Can You (2022). His unique work on leveraging listening to cultivate cultures of care has been featured in Purpose, Inspire, Toastmasters International, Career Connections, Healthy Living, and National Academic Advising Association magazines.