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Sir Ken Coleman 

Serial Entrepreneur 

Sir Ken Coleman ‘25 
Sir Ken Coleman is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of education, professional skills, knowledge ,and experience in the veterinary medicine field, bio-medical engineering technology field, arts, and entertainment field. As a previous nuclear bio-chemical soldier for the US Army Reserve, he devotes a lot of time aiding other veterans such as himself creating and navigating a salubrious life in the civilian world. 
He first got his big break into the medical and research world when he was offered a job at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters. At just nineteen years old, he was already making history as the youngest employee on campus and having seniority of his department within three years. He also had the very first published and demonstrated presentation for research facilities in reference to “Bloodborne Pathogens”. 
With such reputation came great responsibilities. That is what motivated Sir Ken to further his career into veterinary medicine. 
He attended DeVry University studying Bio-Medical Engineering Technology and took a one year contract assignment at Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute. Later, he enhanced his experience with the skills of dentistry, surgery, ophthalmology, and ultrasound technology in veterinary medicine. 
Eventually Sir Ken took a leap with his own faith and propelled himself into the execution of his other childhood fascinations. Some of which many would be too afraid to rely on such risks as a career. However, it’s what created his name as a staple in the trendsetting, fashion, as well as entertainment world to this very day. 
Sir Ken currently is the CEO of his highly sought after luxury pet care business “Swanky Paws Pet Care LLC by the name of “Swanky Paws Concierge”. He is also the founder and designer of his luxury streetwear clothing line, “Urbane Knightz Apparel” and luxury formal wear line, “Imperiál Lannèk”. 
If that’s not enough, he can currently be seen on primetime television as an animal behavior expert on shows such as “The Cutlers’ Court”. He also has a cooking show of his own debuting in 2024 titled, “Devine Cooking With The Don”. In addition, he has his own nightly live radio show, “The Bicker & Banter With A Coleman Show” on iHeart’s WTTRADIO station. He discusses everything from pop culture, politics, and those uncomfortable yet necessary conversations in regards to the black and queer community. You can find Sir Ken in his spare time being a philanthropist and doing the necessary volunteer community work in effort to make the world a place it’s destined to be. 
Lastly but definitely not least, he is part of Morehouse’s very own inaugural class of online students where he is currently pursuing a degree is Business Administration.